Instagram Live Marketing For Small Business- Two Fisted Domination

Do you think Instagram is only for the millennials? Think again. Since its incorporation, this photo-sharing app has evolved into a significant marketing tool for plenty of small and large businesses. Especially after introducing Instagram Live in 2016. More than 1 Billion users use Instagram monthly, and 500 million are active every day. In October 2018, the number of Instagram users from India was 71 Million. If you look at it as a marketing tool, it is a considerable number. Let’s see how streaming services like Instagram live can aid in marketing your small business.Check out hereĀ PP Network Review.

-Growth in the number of users

The number of Instagram users is creasing day by day. No matter what, this number is going to increase day by day. Moreover, with so many active users, there’s no limit to the success a business can reach with dedicated Instagram strategy.


Visibility on Instagram isn’t that great for the posts. More than 70% of the Instagram posts don’t ever get seen. That’s a waste of money is you are paying for an Instagram strategy to gain visibility. Instead, nowadays, brands are turning to the Instagram live stream, also casually known as ‘going live’. Being at the top of your follower’s feed, stories and Instagram Live streaming services gain more visibility than a post.

Few benefits of Instagram Live are it gets pushed to the front of the storyline. With the autoplay, it gives you more views. Instagram Live stream is highlighted, which increases interest, and urgency to watch. Instagram live is push notification enabled. This means if any follower has turned on push notifications on, they will get to know about your live right away resulting in more visibility.


A lot of us forget about the importance of Instagram live. It is one of the best real-time marketing tools. It also assures next level transparency. When you opt for Instagram live over post or story, you have nothing to hide. It humanises your business and helps in building trust.

-More Eyeballs

As mentioned earlier, live streaming sessions grab more attention if your followers have push notifications turned on. However, they earn even more attention if you create a buzz around them. Announce about your Instagram live in advance with the help of a proper content strategy. Creating a teaser though stories or post can be managed with the help of professional streaming services.


At first, you may not look at Instagram live as a way to interact with your target audience since you are just going to talk to them. However, if you enable comments, people viewing your live streaming can ask you questions or comment. It is a great way to get instantly connected with your target audience, answer their questions and also getting instant feedback. This feature makes live streaming services like these a great marketing tool.


Going live impromptu and going well-prepared makes much difference in the way your audience will react to your live. For a well-prepared Instagram live stream, you need professional help from video streaming services that will help you produce a cutting edge social media stream. Even if your first stream didn’t go as expected, professional social media analysts can analyse all the aspects of your Instagram live stream and make necessary changes in the content and other strategies.